We deliver turnkey technical solutions for corporate events, conferences, fairs, and TV productions. We combine creativity with the right technology to provide the audience with the absolute best experience.

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Project management

All events, from major product launches to small conferences, require both creative and meticulous project management. When we handle project management, we work closely with our clients in every step, from briefing, design and planning to implementation, execution and follow-up. We always pay extra attention to details when providing quotes and take pride in offering an accurate pricing right from the start. We work with clients worldwide and have a vast network of suppliers. This enables us to consistently offer the most cost-effective and environmentally-friendly solution, regardless of where you’re hosting your event.


To ensure a secure delivery already during the design phase of your solution, we have several visualization tools. It can be a simple 2D CAD sketch or a realistic 3D rendering. We also work with real-time rendering that shows how the finished delivery will look. An amazing tool to secure creative solutions and save time on the event day.

Stage design

No matter what you want to do or how you want to showcase it, we can assist you. Stage design, lighting design, and creative video often go hand in hand. We also offer automated solutions such as programmable lifts for set design and rotating stages. We can design and produce entire stage setups or simply assist with lighting and video design.


Camera Production

Place your web broadcasts, camera productions, and video documentation in our safe hands. We guarantee a great solution that suits your event, conference, TV-production or fair. Whether it’s about live streaming, interactive press conferences, or productions with interaction.

Interactive Tools

Maximize the outcome of your event with the right meeting tools. We have extensive experience with various tools and can assist you with things like voting systems, event applications for smartphones or tablets, and dialogue tools for communication between the audience and those on stage.


To us, safety always comes first. All our personnel are trained in relevant areas, which can range from practical rigging and vertical safety to weight calculations.


We work with everything from traditional conferences and exhibitions to creative video solutions with multi-projectors and 3D mapping. We have a wide range of screens, projectors, and the best play-out technology in our inventory.


We have in-depth expertise in lighting technology and extensive experience in producing theater, conferences, TV productions, product launches, and exhibitions. We have a large and modern rental inventory with specially selected equipment for events in exhibitions and the TV industry.


Are you going to give a speech or have a full symphony orchestra on stage? We can ensure that the sound is of the absolute top quality. We only work with the best equipment and constantly review the market offerings to ensure that we can deliver the best solution for every occasion.

Environmental management

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