Waterloo 50th anniversary

Thank you for the music (!) ABBA, and thank you SVT for the wonderful opportunity to, through our Lotta Hammarstrand, deliver both stage and lighting design for the live TV event of the year – the 50th anniversary celebration of ABBA’s and Waterloo’s victory in Eurovision!

A two-hour live TV broadcast, featuring an orchestra and a large choir performing live alongside a group of professional artists, is not common today. Backing tracks are good, but live is still live! Together with Daniel Hägglund, who is a graphic designer, we created visual environments for 14 different artist performances throughout the evening.

Many ideas and a great commitment from everyone involved made the evening possible. Thank you SVT for letting us be a part of it and thank you Lotta for constantly finding new and creative solutions!

Photo credit: SVT. Watch the broadcast here.

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