At the Avicii Experience, visitors can step into an experiential museum in Stockholm dedicated to one of Sweden’s greatest artists – Tim “Avicii” Bergling.

Behind the success are thousands of hours of work, during which we served as the technical project leaders for the exhibition group and acted as representatives in the construction process through our CEO and project manager, Jonny Nygård.

The exhibition heavily relies on LED screens, a technology we chose because projections wouldn’t work due to the ceiling height. Otherwise, it is a highly interactive exhibition featuring mixing stations and VR karaoke.

We collaborated within a project group formed by the exhibition’s creative director, Ingmarie Halling. The work spanned a two-year period, during which plans changed more than once. Along the way, our group became very close-knit, developing a direct understanding of each other, which we believe is one of the factors behind the project’s success. Technology, decor, and story are intricately intertwined in an incredibly seamless manner. The result turned out just as we envisioned, or perhaps even better!

The exhibition space is over 300 square meters and is located in Space Stockholm’s premises, right next to Sergels Torg.

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