About us

Primetec is a full production company that delivers turnkey solutions for events, exhibitions and TV productions. We combine our creativity with the right technology to enhance the audience’s experience.

Simply put, we make our clients look and sound better.

Two friends

Primetec is run by Ulf Irestad and Joakim Rydholm. They met in the late 1980’s when working as rabbits at the amusement park Liseberg. Eventually, they left the rabbit costumes behind and moved on with their careers to work with sound and lighting at the stages of Liseberg. In 1989 they decided to start their own business – Primetec. They made quite a success; living their dream, completing one appreciated assignment after another and even got acquired by one of the big players – Mediatec.

Many years later, Ulf and Joakim decided to make a change and became part owners at Lightland. In 2015, after some successful years under the Lightland name, they decided to go back to their roots and reclaim the brand they started together back in 1989, Primetec.

Pre visualization

We have several tools to pre-visualise the final solution. This allows us to secure from the beginning that we are going in the right direction. It can be simple 2D CAD drawings or photo realistic 3D renderings. We also have tools for real time rendering. It means that you can plug the lighting console and the video playbacks to the visualisation computer and program and rehearse the show before you are on site. This is a great tool to secure the creative quality and save time on site.

The tools we use for real time pre visualisation is D3, Light converse and MA3D.

Project management

Everything from big product launches to small conferences demands creative and meticulous product management. Our aim is to work closely together with the client from the initial brief, through the planning phase, to implementation and finally the follow-up. We pay extra attention to details in our quoting and we take pride in providing accurate quotes where extra costs are unusual.

A track record that includes projects in all parts of the world means we have a big network of suppliers. This ensures that our clients get cost efficient and environmentally smart solutions regardless of the location.

Camera production

Let us take care of your webcast, large display camera production or video documentation of your event – and we promise that you will be in the best hands. We have access to portable production units from 1 to 10 cameras and we take care of everything from camera production to streaming of your event. With us you also get access to solutions for interactive press conferences and chat interaction.


In rigging, safety comes first. Our riggers have training in all adequate fields – from weight calculations to practical rigging and vertical safety. We also offer automated solutions including programmable hoist to moving set designs and revolving stages.


We have deep knowledge in lighting and a broad experience from producing theatre, TV shows, events, product launches and exhibitions. We also have a modern rental inventory of equipment especially selected for the event, exhibition and TV industry.

Meeting tools

Maximise the outcome of your events with the right meeting tools. We have experience in and can offer everything from voting systems and event applications for smartphones or tablets, to dialogue tools for interaction between stage and audience. If you have an idea – give us a try and we will be happy to deliver on your request.


Will you give a speech or have a symphony orchestra in the house? We make sure that the sound quality is top-notch! Only the best equipment will do and we are constantly monitoring the market to be able to deliver the right solution for each situation.

Scenic design

Regardless of what you want to do and how you want to express it – we are there to help you meet your goal. Scenic design, light design and creative video often intertwine. We can design and produce the whole set design for your project or be a part of it by doing light and video design.


We cover everything from traditional conferences and exhibitions to creative video solutions such as multi projector edge blends and 3D mapping. In our video rental inventory we have a large variety of screens and projectors as well as the best control and play-out technology.




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